Win7 system file deleted how to do win7 system file loss repair graphic tutorial


What should I do if the win7 system file is deleted? Some users accidentally deleted the system files, resulting in the use of the win7 system file loss repair graphic tutorial, together with Xiaobian to understand it!

win7 system file loss repair graphic tutorial:

First, use win7 protection settings to restore

Use win7 protection settings to restore, there are certain restrictions, In order to explain this method clearly, let's take an example. For example, create a new folder named "Test" on the desktop, which stores 3 different images and deletes two of them by mistake. Use this method to restore.

1. Locate the "Test" folder on your desktop and right-click on the folder and select "Properties".

2, in the window select "Previous Versions" tab in the "folder" version we can see earlier folder, if there are multiple restore points, you can Select the appropriate restore point based on the modification time and click "Restore".

3, the system will pop up a confirmation window, click "Restore" to continue

4, finally, successfully restored, all the way click "OK" to exit

The limitations of this method are large, and if there is no restore point, nothing else can be said. Therefore, in win7 accidentally delete the file you need to create a restore point.

If the file deleted by win7 does not meet the above conditions, Xiaobian also has a way to recover the deleted file, that is, use the file recovery software.

Second, use file recovery software

In many cases, the best way is to use file recovery software, EasyRecovery as the leader in the file recovery industry, not only can restore different systems The reason for the missing files is also support for file recovery in different storage media. Win7 recovery of deleted files is even more a bit of a cake.

EasyRecovery follows the principle of data recovery, using complex file recovery pattern recognition technology to retrieve pieces of files distributed in different places on the hard disk, and to integrate these files into pieces, and then create a virtual software in the software. The file system lists all the files and directories, which is all the deleted and lost files scanned by the software we have seen.

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