Win7 activation tool which is easy to use Microsoft win7 activation tool which is best to use


win7 activation tool which is easy to use? After we installed the Win7 system, the first thing to do is to activate the system, then which is the best use of the Microsoft win7 activation tool? The following small series for everyone to introduce!

Which is the best way to use the Microsoft Win7 activation tool?

1, pony oem7f7 /OEM7 green version

Pony OEM7 is a higher utilization rate windows7 activate the software, activate the higher success rate of similar software, support The 32-bit, 64-bit Vista/Win7/2008/2008R2 system is activated, and the size is small and easy to use.

One-click activation, permanent. Can be verified by Microsoft, support online updates and so on.

How to use: After downloading the software, unzip and run oem7f7.exe, then click “Start Experience Genuine” to enter advanced options and select advanced parameters.

Silent parameters such as: Oem7F7.exe /a /asus /random /protect silent parameters such as: Oem7F7.exe /a /asus /random /protect

2, Windows7 Loader (win7 activation tool )v2.2.1绿版

Windows7 Loader Windows 7 Loader is a win7 activation tool made by foreign friends. It can activate windows7 perfectly. It is suitable for all versions of win7. It is very simple to use. It is very simple to use. Tens of thousands of people at home and abroad use the software.

Similarly, the activation method is similar to that of the pony. The activation success rate is also very high, and it also supports silent activation. Decompress after

1. Download;

2. Run as administrator Windows Loader.exe;

3. Then click on the Install button to start the activation win7 System

4.After ten seconds..

5. See the prompt "The certificate and serial were successfully installed" to indicate that the activation is complete, then restart your computer

3, win7 universal activation tool _RemoveWAT 2.2.6 green version

This is also a recommended activation tool for Xiaobian, not so much activation is that it removes the Win7 activation mechanism, too RemoveWAT all activation and authorization related to Windows system files, as well as slui.exe (activate Windows 7 exe file) will not start, users will always evade the activation mechanism of Windows system, of course, the 30-day deadline will not exist.

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