Win7 system computer card screen solution

First, the computer with a lower configuration is recommended to adjust the virtual memory of the computer
1, computer - properties - advanced system settings - performance settings - "advanced" tab - virtual memory - change - select the drive c drive to set, select the system Manage size or choose custom size - set - OK as needed.

2, anti-virus software to open all of the monitoring, surveillance and less open or not open monitoring, often killing the virus it is. (I use the avast antivirus software)

3, close some startup programs. Start-Run-Enter msconfig-OK--In the "System Configuration Utility" window, click "Start" - Start, except for the input method (Ctfmon), anti-virus software, the general program can be turned off.

4, software or drivers are not compatible with the system, it is recommended to upgrade or reinstall the system drive.

5, there is a system problem or Trojan horse, killing about Trojans delete, download Jinshan guards.

6, memory, graphics, cause the occurrence of crash failures (if memory is too small, add memory, the memory is not enough, replace the video card, etc.). And other

7, CPU or graphics hardware card temperature is too high and most likely caused the crash. (Recommended to install Master Lu, disassemble or dust)

8, hard disk damage repair, re-format the hard disk partition, the best way is: Replace the hard disk. Incompatible

Second, the replacement of new hardware caused crashes.
junk files too, and so much debris disk (using a Rubik's Cube and other cleaning tools to clean up)

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