Win7 notebook connected to the projector graphic tutorial

1. First, we must connect the video input interface of the projector to the video output interface of the notebook computer, and then the picture on the current laptop will appear on the projector.

2, then we can open the right click to open the screen resolution options, where we click "Connect to the projector."

3, then we will open the relevant options. What needs to be noticed is that we can use the shortcut keys to operate, press the Microsoft logo button and the P button to quickly turn on the settings displayed on the projector.

4, if we select the "only computer" means that the projector will not display an image, the computer image will not be output to the projector; if we choose to "Projector only", then the computer will shut down The image output on your own display is conducive to energy saving in some cases. As for copying, the resolution display output on the projector and the computer is exactly the same; there is an extension function, we can put the image output on one display on two monitors, or on the two different monitors. To make different resolution adjustments, we need to adjust according to actual needs.

5, under normal circumstances, we are using the projector be screened to show some PPT or video presentation, specific settings, we can adjust the display in a different screen resolution inside, where we can refer to yourself The setup process of your own display.

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