Win7 Baidu pictures can not display the solution

1, first of all, we first determine whether the page is not set to display the image, we click on the "Tools" - "Internet Options" in the upper right corner of the browser! Then switch to "Advanced"! inside there is a lower drag multimedia display picture options! this front need to tick !!

2, we have to detect what the next version of flash player is not up to date. Detection method. Click Start and select Control Panel! Find the flash player in the Control Panel and double-click to switch to the Advanced option. Then click Test Now. If not the latest updates about !!

3, click on Tools and then we top right corner of the browser. Select Manage Add-ons !! enable shockwave flash 0bject- then click OK

4, if not we put the browser's security level down a bit !! Click Tools top right corner of the browser. Select the Internet option. Then switch to security. Turn the level to low. Or medium-!!

5, if not enough since you can fix your IE. Click Start - Run, type regsvr32 actxprxy.dll, click OK will pop up a "DllRegisterServer in actxprxy.dll succeeded" prompt!! Next click Start - Run. Enter regsvr32 shdocvw.dll. Then restart your computer and you can fix it.

6, we turn the page very slow speed on the possible causes of instability caused !! we can get hold of a small speed test tool to check that the software takes up a lot of network speed. We call this limit or end !!

7, the last is not enough if we can download a computer housekeeper. To diagnose it!! Or use a computer housekeeper to fix IE. . Can be solved !!

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