Win7 application does not work properly

Method a: Change the "Local Group Policy" setting up and running the normal program
1, Win + R key press, open operation, an input gpedit.msc, click OK;

2, the local group In the Policy Editor window page, expand to User Configuration - Management Module - System, find and double-click on the right to open "Do not run the specified Windows application", change to "Disabled".

Method two: Change application compatibility applications the normal installation
1, right-click the application icon, select "Properties";
2, switch to the "Compatibility" entry , check "Run this program in compatibility mode", and select "WindowsXP (Service Pack3)", then check the "Run this program as administrator" below, click OK.

Method three: to enable super administrator account to run the program starts normally
1, right-click the computer icon, select the "management";
2, to expand System Tools - Local Users and Groups - user, double-click to open the Administrator;

3, in the Administrator properties window, uncheck the "account is disabled";

4, in addition, if the computer poisoning, may also make an application Can not be installed or run, then use the anti-virus software to comprehensively kill the system and delete the virus files. Can't solve the problem, we can also consider reinstalling the system.

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