Win7 system use iTunes to restore backup files graphic tutorial

win7 system how to use iTunes to restore backup files
Solution 1:
1, open your iTunes, select the menu bar "store - trust this device"; br>
2, then pop up dialog box, enter your Apple id with password to confirm the authorization;

solution 2:
1, connect your device to your computer, then click the iTunes phone icon, choose on the left side of the interface "manual backup";

2, according to the actual situation of the use of your computer or choose whether to encrypt data;

3, then please be patient the backup is complete;

solution 3:
1, connect the device to your computer, open iTunes, then select the phone icon, click "restore backup", you can restore the most recent backup data; < Br>
2. Please note that the backup backup must ensure that the “Find My iPhone” function on the phone is turned off, otherwise backup recovery will not be possible.

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