Win7 system settings mute shortcuts graphic tutorial

1. Right click on the desktop → New → text document.

2, will look at this batch command to copy it, paste into a text document to go, and save it as "Silent .bat".
cd C:UsersuserDesktop
@echo off
(echo Set WshShell = Wscript.CreateObject^("Wscript.Shell"^)
echo WshShell.Sendkeys " ...")"JingYin.VBS
JingYin.VBS&del /f /q JingYin.VBS

3, 1,2,3 silent .bat document before the command line are: into the C drive; into the root directory of C; cut into the "C: UsersuserDesktop", win7 desktop system that is currently in use, The "Mute.bat" batch file we edited is saved here.
Double-click the "Mute.bat" batch file to mute the system, then double-click it to turn on the system audio.
Click Start → Accessories → System Tools → Task Scheduler in the lower left corner of win7 desktop to enter the “Task Scheduler” window.

4, click "Create Basic Task ...", enter "Create Basic Task Wizard" window, as shown below, according to the wizard steps to set the schedule in order to start the program parameters, and finally click Finish, thus setting up Every day at 19:30, the system audio is turned off periodically, that is, muted.

5, according to the fifth step of the way, followed by re "Create Basic Task ...", and then set a program startup parameters, to modify the time of day, as a regular audio system automatically open the scheduled task.

6, to achieve a mute button control system and open audio effects, need a shortcut, right-click the desktop space is located on the shortcut menu, select New → Shortcut → View → find this on the desktop Mute .bat batch file → next step, name the shortcut "disable", click to finish.

7, right-click on the "mute" shortcut icon → properties → → Shortcuts mouse click on the "shortcut (K)" to the right box, press the F1 key keyboard determining →.

8, press F1 to try it, the system will mute, press the F1 key to open the audio system.

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