Win7 query native IP address graphic tutorial

How to query the local IP address of win7?
Specific methods are as follows:
1, introduce a give: click on "start" to find the "run" (or press win + R key combination);

2, click open then there will be a window, in which the input "cmd" press the enter key, there is a black window will appear;

3, in which the input "ipconfig" press enter;

4, will see its own IP address in the black window;

5, is not very simple, there are many ways I will not introduce more, I hope you can learn this method.

the entire contents of the above-mentioned method is the tutorial Share win7 system queries the computer IP address, in fact, there are several ways to view the IP address of the method, small series introduced by the method command to view, and hope that we can grasp.

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