Win7 system delete bcservice process graphic tutorial

win7 system can not delete bcservice process how to do
The specific method is as follows:
1, open the system task manager, you can see the process list see bcservice.exe;

2, select bcservice.exe process, click end task, found it impossible to abort the process;

3, we click on the "View" menu, the pop-up menu, select "select columns" menu item;

4, then the pop-up menu, select "PID (process identifier)" in front of the box;

5, then you can see bcservice.exe corresponding PID in the process list is 3664;

6, we press the key combination Win + R, and then enter the command cmd run dialog box open, click the OK button;

7, in the open Dos window, enter the command tasklist /svc, took the enter key;

8, then you can see the corresponding 3664 bcservice.exe run services for bcservice;

9, back to the desktop, Right click on the "Computer" icon and select "Manage" in the pop-up menu Term;

10, open the Computer Management window, select the left "Services" item;

11, then you can find Baidu Client service Services in the right window;

12, double-click on the above services, open its properties window, and then select the startup type to "disabled" one;

13, to return to the task Manager window, you can see The bcservice.exe process is gone, then open the C:\\ProgramData\\Baidu folder, delete the bcservice folder directly here, and you will never see the bcservice.exe process again.

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