Win7 system boot startup program settings graphic tutorial

How to set the win7 system boot program?
specific methods are as follows:
1, in Windows7 desktop, click the Start button in the pop-up menu, click "Run" menu item;

2, open the Run window, type the command msconfig and click "OK" button;

3, open the system configuration window, click on the "startup" tab;

4, then you can see all over the system start in start of the project, which you do not want to let the program start with the system, just put it in front of the "check mark" to remove it;

5, after setting start, we then click on the "services" tab ;

6, open the service page, check the following "Hide All Microsoft services" check box, so as not to shut down the system so that essential services;

7, then the remaining The services can be closed. See which service is not useful. Also remove the check box in front of the service. Finally, click the OK button to restart the system and you will find that these programs are no longer started with the system.

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