Win7 system problem step recorder open tutorial

win7 system how to open Problem Steps Recorder
specific methods are as follows:?
1, click on the "Start" menu in the search box, enter "psr.exe";

2, in the search results click "psr.exe" runnable "problem steps recorder";

3, click the "start record" button to start recording, then we put the failure to reproduce on their computer is fully operational again, can let expert can understand where the problem lies;

4, after the operation is completed click on "stop recording" button to finish recording;

5, after the recording is completed, "problem steps recorder" will A pop-up dialog prompts us to save the record as a zip file. Take a file name, for example: a problem record, click "Save";

6, this time, we will see a zip file called "problem record" on the desktop;

7, well, send this compressed package to the master, the document records the entire operation process, the master can help us solve the problem. If you are using the chat tool pass, then the other party may receive compressed files have a suffix (problem records .zip renamed.), Simply delete the name back to (renamed.);

8 After receiving the file, unzip the file and double-click it to open it. The steps of the question will be opened in the form of an offline browser. The steps are clear at a glance.

share is above the win7 system to use open Problem Steps Recorder troubleshoot the problem, the failure to find the problem, you can easily solve the problem.

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