How to turn off the upgrade win10 prompt in your win7 Ultimate PC

In the near future, on July 29, Microsoft is about to release the win10 system. This news seems to have become a recent major news, and has attracted a lot of users' attention, but for many users who use win7, they don’t want to be like this. In a short period of time to upgrade their own systems, but for the promotion of Microsoft's strong efforts, many users still feel very helpless, why? Their own win7 Ultimate computer always pops up the upgrade prompt, presumably who sees I will be upset! So how can we shield this upgrade information in our win7 Ultimate computer? Below, Xiaobian will introduce an operation skill!
1. First, we need to return to win7 Ultimate The desktop location of the computer, after that, we find the computer icon on the desktop, then click the right mouse button, in the slide menu, we select the property option.
2. After we can see the window shown below, let's click the "Windows Update" option in the left menu in the pop-up window.
3. In the window that opens, we need to find the option named "KB3035583 Patch" in the right window. After finding the item, we can click the right mouse button and select Uninstall. After

completion of the set, reboot your own win7 Ultimate computer, after the upgrade prompt win10 system will not occur again.

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