Win7 prompts "requires administrator privileges" solution

Recently, users of Win7 system have reported that when the software is installed or the files are operated frequently, the system prompts “requires administrator rights”, which makes the user feel bored. In fact, for this problem, it may be a system setting problem, or it may be that the file itself has a security access restriction, and the corresponding setting can solve the problem. Below, let's take a look at the Win7 system prompts "requires administrator privileges" solution.

Method /a
, Change User Account Control
1. Click Start - Control Panel - User Accounts and Family Safety - User Accounts - Change User Account Control settings, see " User Account Control, you will find the slider on the left is at the top "Always notify", see the instructions on the right, which means that this setting will be notified whether you are installing software or working on files on your computer. Pull the slider down and select the appropriate settings as needed.

Second, security access settings file if
solve the above problems, still can not copy or move the file operation, then look at the security access settings file.
1. Right click - click Properties - click on the Security tab, you can see that there are only "Read and Write" permissions in the permissions of EveryOne users, but not "Full Control" permissions.

2. Click on the Edit button, then "Full Control" check Everyone permissions, and then click OK.

3. re-implement the file move operation, it may have been carried out smoothly.

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