Win7 boot display system update failure solution

Specific methods are as follows:
1, when the computer system boot display update failed (FIG. 1), when the long press the power button 10s, forced shutdown;

2, then open the opportunity to repair the computer display mode (e.g. Figure 2), the up and down keys are selected to "Safe Mode" and then enter;
3, if you do not jump out of the computer repair mode, forced shutdown, and then boot. Basically a computer repair will be able to appear interface;

4, into safe mode desktop. Click "Start" to select "Control Panel". Click on "System and Security";
5. Click "Enable or Disable Automatic Updates". In the important update column, select "Never check for updates" and then save and then restart, the problem can be solved.

6, the above method is not resolved, it is recommended to re-install the system. According to the length of your computer system, you can judge the system. If it is very card, it is recommended to reinstall the system!
The above tutorial content is the solution to win7 every time the system fails to display the system. I hope this tutorial can help you.

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