Solve Win7 forgot to turn on the password graphic tutorial

1. First you need to have a U disk, and then download a U disk boot tool, be aware that this boot tool requires a system password modification tool. This tool will be available for general startup tools. Just pay attention when downloading.

2, then burn this tool U disk boot image file to the U disk, U disk so you can boot into a U-disk, start the tool itself has some burning capabilities, while others need You enter the production with specific software.

3, you can make a good start U disk, following which we will enter the pe system. Insert the USB flash drive into the computer, reboot, press the del key to enter bios when restarting, and set it to U disk boot in bios.

4, the system is restarted again in the start menu, the options will have a modified system password, select this option using the keyboard arrow keys, then hit enter, you can also enter the system pe later modified with the modification tools .

5, as shown, this tool which can change the password system, you select the directory where the file system indicated by the arrow.

6, after the selection below Enter your user name, enter your new password below, after correctly entered twice, click Edit.

7, now, unplug the U disk, reboot the Win7 system password at this time, that is, you just set your password.

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