The Lost.dir file solution that appears after Win7 is inserted into the USB flash drive

U disk everyone should be familiar with it, everyone has one. Recently, users of the Win7 system, when he inserted the USB flash drive into the computer, found that there is a Lost.dir file in the USB flash drive, which also occupies a certain space of the USB flash drive. What Lost.dir file is this happening to how to solve it

steps are as follows:??
First, what Lost.dir file is?
Lost.dir file is a file automatically generated in the U disk device. Its main function is to collect the lost folder in the running, which is equivalent to the caching function. If the Win7 system user directly deletes the Lost.dir file, then the U disk does not have a cache function.
two, Lost.dir file can delete

If Win7 system users USB device space is not small, then the system greatly accelerates this proposal Win7 users do not delete Lost.dir file. Because the cache function of the Lost.dir file can help the user to connect quickly during the process of transferring or downloading a file, if the connection is interrupted or the computer is powered off, it will be connected quickly. Otherwise, during the next connection, it will be very It is difficult.
Of course, the Lost.dir file will occupy a part of the U disk space, but for the Win7 system users, because the space is not very large, it is recommended that the Win7 system users still save the Lost.dir file.
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