Win7 system locks the computer screen graphic tutorial

1. Open the "Control Panel", click "Appearance and Personalization" → "Change Screen Saver".

2, in the "Screen Saver Settings" window opens, select a screen saver, such as "ribbon", and set "screen wait time", such as one minute, check "during recovery The login screen is displayed." Finally click "OK" to complete the setup.

3, after such a setting, when the computer can not be touched in 1 minute, the screen saver will start automatically. If someone else uses the computer at this time, it will automatically go to the login interface. Thereby achieving the goal of locking the screen to prevent illegal use by others.

4, in addition can also be achieved by setting a screen lock the computer independent of the screen saver password. How to do it: In the "Screen Saver Settings" window that opens, select a screen saver, such as "Cello Ribbon", and click the "Change Power Settings" link.

5, click in the window that opens, "Require a password on wakeup" option.

6, select "Create or change your user account password" in the open interface.

7, the interface appears in the current or specified user to set the screen saver password.

8, after the above settings, when you want to lock the computer screen, just press the keyboard combination "Win + L" to lock your computer screen. If you want to enter the desktop again, you must enter the password you just set.

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