Win7 Task Manager title bar is missing the solution

If you need to end the process task, we will generally open the task manager and end some processes. There are many ways to open the Task Manager. The most common one is the shortcut key "Ctrl+Shift+Esc". You can also right-click on the taskbar and select "Task Manager" to open it. However, users of the Win7 system found that the task management display was incomplete, and the title bar and menu bar were gone. What should I do? Let me talk about how to solve the problem that the Win7 task manager title bar is missing.
The steps are as follows:
The first step is to find out if the task manager title bar is not found.
The second step, let's reproduce the scene and enter the desktop.
The third step, right-click on the taskbar, click to start the task manager.

fourth step, the first step in the emergence of the situation.

fifth step, the above tasks found in the Task Manager operations are invalid, if the right-Task Manager, only three options.

sixth step, if the double-click operation illustrated in the red area.

seventh step, then the original can not be found on the title bar appeared.

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