Win7 wireless network card does not have 3G signal solution

Many laptops now have their own wireless network card, which is convenient for us to connect to the wireless network for Internet access. Recently, a user bought a telecommunications 3G wireless network card, installed according to the default driver, after the installation is complete, then prompted the computer to restart. After restarting, the 3G signal of the client has not been displayed. What should I do? Let's talk about the solution of Win7 wireless network card without signal.
The solution is as follows:
1. The 3G network card of Telecom generally contains 3G client and 3G network card driver, the default is to install the telecom client first, and then install the 3G network card driver, but from this client does not show the 3G signal is likely to be the 3G network card driver is not completely installed, so we can Look for the driver of the NIC in the 3G NIC installation disk directory, and then re-install it. The driver path is as follows. Generally, the application that has the drivesetup under the EVDO directory is the driver we are looking for.

2, after installation, 3G signal is normal, and can connect to the Internet!

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