Win7 system WiFi sharing wizard mobile phone not connected to the Internet solution

WiFi sharing wizard is currently the most commonly used wireless hotspot sharing software, can realize the function of turning the computer into a wireless hotspot, and thus convenient for us to achieve free wireless Internet access. Win7 system users, in the process of using the WiFi sharing wizard, found that the WiFi sharing wizard has many problems. Especially when the WiFi sharing wizard is started, the phone cannot be connected properly. What is the situation? How to solve such a problem? Now let me talk about the Win7 system WiFi sharing wizard mobile phone can not connect.
The steps are as follows:
1. The first situation: the software starts successfully, and the mobile phone cannot find the WiFi hotspot.
Solution: Advanced settings on the WiFi sharing wizard startup interface - sharing mode selection, if it is an Android phone, you can only choose wireless AP WPA2, Apple phone does not matter, two modes can be. Finally, restart the software.
Problem Analysis: AP sharing mode supports iOS system and Android system, but AD-HOC mode only supports Apple mobile phone of iOS system.

2, the second case: the card is not shared.
Solution: Check whether the virtual network card in the lower right corner of the computer has an Internet connection. If not, open the network and sharing center of the computer - change the adapter and re-share the network card. Finally, restart the software.

3, the third case: the phone has been connected displays "Acquiring IP".
Solution: One possibility: restart the WiFi sharing wizard and turn off the protection software of 360 and other LAN restrictions. The latter operation is as follows: Right click on the 360 ​​icon to solve the upper right corner and enter the ARP defense, as shown in Figure
One possibility: WiFi sharing wizard can not automatically assign DHCP IP, you need to manually specify static IP, IP fills the same network segment as wireless network card, subnet mask and wireless network card settings are the same, network card fills wireless network card gateway, DNS fills wireless The IP address of the network card.

4, Case 4: Connect your phone prompt "connecting" or "Saved"
Solution: find the wireless network card: Computer - Right-click management - Device Manager - Network Adapters Select the wireless network card and right click on the property - Advanced - wireless mode - value (V): select IEEE 802.11b /g - click OK; then restart the WiFi sharing wizard, try to connect to the WiFi hotspot.

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