Win7 computer open webpage crash solution

IE browser is the default browser of Windows system, IE browser is constantly updated and upgraded, but there are still some problems. Recently, many users who use the Win7 system have reported that when they browse the Internet, the computer often crashes. What is going on? Here is a discussion on how to open the webpage of Win7 computer.
solution is as follows:
1, point lower left corner of the computer desktop Start menu, type in the run regedit to open the registry, as shown;

2, in order to find the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry /SOFTWARE /MICROSOFT /WINDO WS /Currentversion /Explorer /FileExts /.lnk, as shown;

3, in .lnk below we can see two entries openwithlist and openwithprogids, if there are other items are deleted, at the same time put the child in the two entries deleted, as shown;

4, quit registry after you remove it, and now you try again to open the browser, the computer will not crash.

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