Win7 update patch prompt error code 0X80070643 solution

Win7 system upgrade is a way of daily maintenance of Windows. When there is a security risk in the Win7 system, Microsoft will push the latest update patch to strengthen the system. Recently, some users have popped up the error message "0X80070643" when updating the patch. What should I do? How to solve this problem? Next, let me talk about the solution of error code 0X80070643 when Win7 update patch.

This error is encountered when I installed VS2012 and found this error code --0x80070643 in the error log.
Through a long time to find information and try, I basically understand the general reasons and solutions of 0x80070643, by the way.
This problem may be encountered when installing a lot of software. Typical things like MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials), Zune, Visual Studio 2012, .NET, etc., seem to be Microsoft things. . .
First paste the record of the error part of the log file:
[199C:1944][2012-10-20T17:24:08]: Error 0x80070643: Failed to install MSI package.
[199C: 1944][2012-10-20T17:24:08]: Error 0x80070643: Failed to execute MSI package.
[1938:121C][2012-10-20T17:24:08]: Error 0x80070643: Failed to configure per -machine MSI package.
[1938:121C][2012-10-20T17:24:08]: MUX: Installation size in bytes for package: vs_devenv MaxAppDrive: 614400 MaxSysDrive: 450560 AppDrive: 0 SysDrive: 311296
[1938:121C][2012-10-20T17:24:08]: MUX: Return Code:0x80070643 Msi Messages:1406 Result Detail:0 Restart:None
[1938:121C][2012-10-20T17:24 :09]: MUX: Unregistering and registering msiexec.
[1938:121C][2012-10-20T17:24:09]: MUX: Executing Process: Exe:C:\\Windows\\system32\\msiexec.exe Arguments: /unreg
[1938:121C][2012-10-20T17:24:09]: MUX: Process exit code: 0

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