Win7 system clears the IE address bar graphic tutorial

Everyone has privacy, there are things that you don't want to be known. The online record is privacy for some people. If you don't want others to know which websites you are logged into, you have to Clear the URL of the address bar so that others don't see which sites you're signed in to. So, how to clear the IE address bar under Win7 system? Let's take a look together.

a, IE settings
1. Start your ie browser, click the Tools menu bar. Select "internet options" from the Tools menu as shown below.

2. "General", check the "Delete history on exit" option in the internet Cary choice and click the Delete button, as shown below.

3. delete the line item page, the main check the "history" is that you visit the site, according to other cases checked, then click the Delete button, as shown below.

4. wait for the removal is complete, the next time you open IE, then automatically deleted.

Second, clean up
1. software users install 360 security guards available this way, 360 security guards to start the main program. Click on the "Clean Computer" tab on the main page, as shown below.

2. In the clean-up computer page, choose to clean the traces, and then click Start scanning, the system begins to find more privacy traces, of course, including Internet records.

3. scan is complete, click on the button to immediately clean up the system began to empty all private records.

4. clean-up is complete, as shown below, click the Finish button to exit the cleanup program.

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