Win7 system correctly connected projector equipment graphic tutorial

How does the win7 system properly connect to the projector device? The projector device is not only used for learning, but also needs to be used in homes, offices, etc., so it is very important to master the connection settings of the projector. Frequently, users are asking how to connect the projector to the Win7 system. Let's take the Win7 64-bit system as an example to introduce the detailed method of connecting the projector to the win7 system.

resolution steps:
First, make sure that the projector is turned on, then the projector cable into a video port on your computer.
Note: The projector uses a VGA or DVI cable. The cable must be plugged into a matching video port on your computer. While some computers have two types of video ports, most laptops have only one type of video port. Some projectors can be connected to a USB port on your computer using a USB cable.

VGA port and DVI port
Second, by clicking the "Start" button, then click "Control Panel";

Third, open the Control Panel. In the search box, type "projector" and then click "Connect to projector."

To use keyboard shortcuts instead of "Control Panel", press the Windows logo key + P. Under

Four, drawing prompt appears, select the desired display desktop mode:

used to select the desktop appears four options
"only computer" (this will only computer screen The desktop is displayed.)
In the "Computer Only" mode, the notebook works normally, the screen information is not output, and the external device does not display the computer screen. When we are preparing for projection, we will do a lot of operations, such as selecting PPT, setting up the screen... We don't want to zoom in on the projection to let others see it. You can choose this mode.

"Copy" (which would have shown the desktop on the computer screen and a projector.)
"copy" mode is to make the laptop screen and projector simultaneously display the same content, this model is particularly suitable for demonstration Software operation.
"Extension" (This will extend the desktop from the computer screen to the projector.)
"Extended" mode allows the external device to display the extended screen, we can drag the content that needs to be demonstrated from the notebook screen to the projection In the screen, the notebook screen can do its own thing.

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