Win7 system computer word can not load Noteexpress plugin solution

What should I do if the win7 system computer word cannot load the Noteexpress plugin? Recently, many users asked Xiaobian win7 system computer word can not load Noteexpress plug-in how to do? Sometimes when the win7 system computer clicks on the word document, the phenomenon that the Noteexpress plug-in can not be loaded. I don't know how it happened. After restarting the word, it is still the same. How to solve this problem? For this fault problem, Xiaobian uses the win7 pure version system as an example to introduce the solution that Word can't load the Noteexpress plugin.
specific methods are as follows:
1, the computer has been installed Word07 and Noteexpress;

2, open word07, click on the office icon, find the word option, click Add-ins, go to;

3, will be available add-ins add in, it;

4, if not, you can try the following this method. Open Noteexpess, find tool options;

5, find the extension of MSword plug-in, you can click to install;

6, if these two methods will not work, can not be loaded in the word Noteexpress words;
7, that is to uninstall Noteexpress reload, reinstall the anti-virus software and the word are closed before installing. After installation, open the NE and install the MSword plugin. Open the word and you will find that it has been loaded.

above tutorial content on win7 system computer word can not load solutions Noteexpress plug-in, as is the case if you have encountered problems in a timely manner with reference to the above tutorial content to solve it.

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