Win7 system can not open DMP file graphic tutorial

win7 system can not open DMP file how to do? Blue screen problem I believe that everyone has encountered, when the win7 system computer has a blue screen, the Windows system will automatically generate a blue screen error DMP file and blue screen image. Many users can't open DMP files, what should I do? The following Xiaobian explains to everyone how the win7 system can't open DMP files.
1, we must first download and install the Debugging Tools This tool;

2, installed after, following in the Start menu can find a [Debugging Tools for Windows (x86) ] the following folder will appear as shown below: WinDbg click to enter;

3, running WinDbg;

4, click in WinDbg [file] ----- [Open Crash Dump] select .DMP file open;

5, open the file when you are prompted to open if a work area in the open. Click [Yes];

6, opened the .DMP file.

on win7 system can not open the file DMP solution introduced here. If you have any problems with this type of problem, you may wish to try the above methods.

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