Win7 notebook connection wireless network prompt limited access rights solution

Win7 notebook connection wireless network tips limited access permissions how to do
The use of wireless network card is the fastest and most convenient way to access the Internet, as long as there is wireless can connect to the Internet, but there are Win7 users when using a laptop to connect to the wireless Internet It started very smoothly and the operation was normal. After a while, the prompt "limited access rights" will appear. What is the reason? It is obvious that you can connect to the Internet. How can this happen? Next, Xiaobian To tell everyone the specific reasons and solutions.
Reason analysis:
"Access is restricted" In addition to the problem that the router is connected to the Internet (if the network connection is OK, it can be excluded), the most important problem is the problem of DHCP assigning an IP address.
1. The TCP/IP IPv4 address setting of the connection between the network cable and the wireless network does not conflict.
2, if the computer is generally only used at home, directly set the wireless network to a fixed IP address, such as; and the network cable is set to; the default gateway is the same, are; mask
3, if you want to use DHCP, or notebooks often go to the country to inspect the office, modify the router DHCP settings:
First, the lease time should be set enough, for example, a week; secondly, you can set the DHCP IP address pool from to; then the network cable is set to a fixed IP address of, so the wireless network card will not randomly allocate the address.
4, the computer's wireless network card chip may also have problems; in order to confirm whether it is a wireless network card chip problem, you can buy a smart phone, such as iPhone 4S, test whether the Wifi function is normal. In order to meet the needs of work, investment is inevitable.
5, after all the above methods have been tried, the way to save money is to refresh the router system and reinstall the computer.
6, if it still does not work, you can change the router first, and then not change the computer.
The above introduction is the Win7 notebook connection wireless network prompt "limited access rights" solution, carrying a laptop out of the door is more convenient, using wireless Internet can do more with less, if you encounter such tips, refer to the above methods can help everyone solve.

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