Win7 system repair IE browser graphic tutorial

Recently, users of Win7 system reflect that IE browser will always have a variety of problems, sometimes it is impossible to open the webpage, sometimes the image is not normal, I do not know is What causes it, I don't know how to solve it. In fact, IE browser will have such a problem, most of the reason is because of the destruction of malware, we only need to use the reset function of IE browser, reset it to fix IE browser. Below, let's take a look at the specific method of repairing IE browser under Win7 system.
Method /Steps
1. Open the browser, then click the toolbar file, select the internet option in the pop-up menu, and click Open.

2.internet options, click on the Advanced tab in the upper right corner of the browser's reset button here.

3. After switching to this tab, following a reset button, as shown in FIG, a clicking this button.

4. Now there is an option that is not to put all your browser cache saved passwords and other information be deleted can be selected to ensure the accuracy of reset. Click the Start Reset button.

5. software start reset these commonly used settings, and wait for the reset is complete, click the Close button to exit the setup options.

6. To say will be prompted to restart the browser to complete the reset, click OK, and then close the browser, open it again, the problem will be solved.
7. If the problem is serious, the reset method does not restore the browser to normal. Then you have to "restore advanced settings". After restoring the advanced settings, it is equivalent to re-installing the browser. This way, no matter what kind of problem can be solved, the browser will return to the original state.

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