Win7 system set internet attribute language graphic tutorial

How to set the internet property language in win7 system? Today Xiaobian and everyone share the win7 system how to set the internet property language? Sometimes open the internet property found that it is English, do not know what it means, then what is the way to make the internet property into Chinese? The following small series and everyone Explain how the win7 system sets the internet property language.
specific methods are as follows:
1, click Start (or click on the Microsoft key (Windows key)) - Control Panel;

2, by default Category view, select small icons;

3, View: small icons;

4, click "Internet options";

5, click on the "language";

6, click "Add"; < Br>
7. Select the desired language and click OK.

above is win7 system settings internet property language method, you can choose to read to understand the language of their own, hoping to help to you.

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