Win7 mouse does not move the solution


win7 system computer mouse suddenly can not move what is going on? What should I do if the mouse does not move? Users with this problem can try the following solutions.

Win7 mouse does not move is going on

1. Enter the system's control panel, set the mouse driver in the control panel, click the start menu item in the lower left corner, then click on the right side control panel.

2. Once you find the mouse option, double-click the mouse icon.

3. Click on the hardware.

4. Click on Properties.

5. After clicking on the property, it is here. What needs to be explained here is that my display is: This device is working properly because my mouse is normal. Your mouse can't move, it usually shows that this device has been disabled.

6. Click on the driver.

7. Click on Update Driver.

8. After clicking the update driver, a dialog box will pop up, select OK, and after the update is complete, click OK and exit.

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