Win7 system query graphics memory map tutorial

How does win7 system query graphics memory? For game players, the memory size of the win7 Ultimate system graphics card is related to the running speed of the game. Everyone wants to have a smooth speed, so the size of the memory is directly related to the game performance. How does the win7 system query the Nvidia graphics memory size? Many users do not know how much memory is in their computer graphics card. The following Xiaobian share the win7 system to query the Nvidia graphics memory size.
query methods:
1, after Win7 system installed on a separate graphics driver, the desktop space, right, NVIDIA control panel;

2, lower left corner of the system to view the properties of discrete graphics machine Video memory. The graphics card memory width and other conditions are displayed.

above win7 system queries skills Nvidia graphics memory size. In addition, users can also use the hardware detection software to view. I hope that the contents of the above tutorial will be practical for everyone.
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