Win7 system boot screen shows WUMTC is missing solution

Win7 operating system boot problem is one of the common problems, generally based on the prompt code to solve the problem, such as a user said win7 pure version system boot screen display WUMTC is missing press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart (see below Figure shows) What should I do at this time? This prompt generally means that the startup file is missing. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to start the task manager. Let's take a look at the detailed resolution steps.

1, press Ctrl + Alt + Del key combination to start Task Manager;

2, if the Task Manager interface, then log off the system, you can restart the operating system;

3, if you can not pop up the task Manager setup interface, then click on the start button (long press the power button is forced to shut down, it can emergency use, but not often used) shut down the operating system;

4 then adjust the boot press F8, use the up and down arrows to safe mode, press the enter key to enter safe mode;

5, after entering safe mode, you can deal with failure, such as updating patches error, you can turn off the Windows update service , then after booting, it will not automatically update the patch.
Operation steps: Start → Run: msconfig → OK → Service → find Windows Update service → remove check tick → OK. Restart your computer.

6, if it is just updated drivers, there is no similar failure in into safe mode, it shows the updated driver does not match, you can try to return, uninstall the driver, update the driver to re-load;

7, can also be switched by pressing the F8 key to enter the select menu → [try to select "last Known Good configuration" starting Windows] option to solve the problem does not match the driver and hardware such as the newly added class ;

8, if you press the F8 key after, even this select menu also shells do not come out, then only select the repair, restoration, reinstall the system, you can also try using the u-PE system (need to produce in advance) in tools repair guide, often very effective, so you can avoid reinstall the operating system;

9, Note: to restore the system, be sure to back up the system image in advance, otherwise you can not restore the system, can only choose to reload system. Reinstall the system, also download the installation files in advance, and make the u disk PE system (required maintenance tools).

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