Win7 system to modify the UC browser skin solution

win7 system to modify the UC browser skin method. UC browser is divided into computer version and mobile version. UC browser computer version is based on Chrome kernel browser. Now many win7 system users are installed and used in UC browser. UC browser is powerful, and provides users with different functions. A lot of skin, a thoughtful design, you can choose a different skin according to personal preferences. So how does the win7 system modify the UC browser skin? Next, let's take a look at the win7 system to modify the UC browser skin.
specific methods are as follows:
1, double-click the left mouse button on the desktop "UC browser" icon to open it run;

2, open the browser interface, click on the top right angle "skin" icon button options;

3, click on the "skin" icon, this time will pop up "UC skin" window;

4, in the "UC skin" window, select the "wallpaper" tab, click on it;

5, the wallpaper tab, we can see a lot of skin classification;

6, in the category, select the required settings and skin click the "immediate use";

7, after set up, you can see the effect of new skin.

above tutorial content is win7 system modification method UC browser skin, if you want your browser UC win7 system becomes more personalized, you can try the above methods.

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