Win7 application can't start normally 0x000007b solution

We often encounter various problems in the process of using the computer. For example, when the software is opened, the error "The application cannot start 0xc000007b normally" is displayed. How to solve such a problem? Is there any way? Now Xiaobian will tell you what the Win7 application can't start normally 0x000007b.
The steps are as follows:
1. The following general prompt appears: The application cannot start normally (0x000007b). Please click "OK" to close the application. Most of them appear in the process of installing and running software (QQ, Photoshop), games, etc. Usually related to improper use of the installer.

2, because the current operating system is also divided into 32 (X86) and 64-bit, once the error of dynamic link (dll extension) call such a mistake occurs. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the source of the installer is correct and that it matches the current operating system.

3, how to view the current number of bits of the operating system it is very important, there are many methods: the use Win + E shortcut to bring up the Explorer → Open the Control Panel.
(1), Win7 Control Panel

(2), View → → Control Panel → System icon.

(3), the type of system: the operating system 64 (or 32-bit OS).
(4), understand how many operating systems are, download software, games should pay attention to the corresponding program (32-bit, 64-bit).

(5), in particular, what the dynamic link files (dll extension) lack know, in the Save download path also pay attention to. The 32-bit operating system saves the path (C drive is the system drive): C:\\Windows\\System32 folder.

(6), if a 64-bit operating system, you should download the 64-bit dynamic link files (dll extension), save it in the following path: C: \\ Windows \\ SysWOW64 folder.

(7), the operating system DirectX (different operating systems to adapt to different versions), if damaged, would produce such a problem, it may be to Microsoft's official website to download the appropriate version, covering the installation click.

(8), in addition, C ++ abnormalities can lead to errors. Official website download, coverage installation.

(9), download and install DirectX, C ++ can solve this problem, there are relatively easy way, which is not clear if the dynamic link failure, loss and other reasons, can also be used together with DirectX repair tool Orientation to fix these errors (refer to relevant experience articles for specific methods)↙

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