Win7 system computer can not play after using the text

win7 system computer using PS software to modify the GIF dynamic picture text can not play how to solve? Sometimes under the win7 operating system, the ps software will be used to modify the GIF dynamic image text, but after some users have finished modifying it, it is found that it can't be played. What is going on? Is there any way to solve this problem? With this problem, The following small series will explain to you the solution that the win7 system computer can not play after using the PS software to modify the GIF dynamic text.
Specific methods are as follows:
1, the modified file is first opened, as shown in FIG, ctrl + E combined text layer and picture layer;

2, then select the layer, a new frame ;

3, then select another layer, continue to create a new frame, pay attention: the need to point the eyes, when if you do not point the eye, or play animations will not move;

4, storage For the web format (if you only choose gif to export the map, it will still not move).

above tutorial content is the solution win7 system computer use software to modify the PS GIF dynamic graphic text can not be played, if any other questions please focus on the triple.
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