Create a Win7 installation disk on the Mac Tutorial

Mac users know that after OS X 10.11 many machines can only install win 8 or even only support win 10, using Bootcamp can only create Win 8 or above Windows installation disk. However, for those who are accustomed to Win7 and deeply like Windows 7, it is more desirable to create a Windows 7 installation disk. Today, An Xia Xiaobian will bring a Win7 installation disk tutorial on the Mac, I hope to help you!
Teach you to use Bootcamp to create Win7 installation disk on OS X 10.11, find Bootcamp assistant
On the desktop, Command-Shift-U shortcut keys you can find Boot Camp Assistant
2, a copy of the Boot Camp Assistant, Cmd-c, Cmd-V, get "Boot Camp Assistant copy of"

3, right "Boot Camp Assistant copy" show package contents -> into Contens directory

4, find Info.plist, then you need Xcode editor, or such similar BBedit editor
5, found in the configuration Win7OnlyModels options, click on the "+" sign to add your machine model

6, unclear models can be marked in the upper left Apple MacBook - About this Mac to find

7, set up model click save file, then open Bootcamp assistant, saw Bootcamp Windows 7 can create the boot disk

[Note] the newest machine may be able to start WIndows 7 but might In the case of incomplete drivers, wait for everyone to highlight the problem.

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