Win7 system computer using computer housekeeper to smash files

Win7 operating system often deletes some useless files, expands the memory space, but in the process of deleting files, there will always be some stubborn files that cannot be deleted. These files are either running in the system or viruses, what should I do? Win7 system computer can use computer housekeeper to smash these stubborn files, and then, Xiaobian and everyone share the win7 system computer using computer housekeeper to smash files.
Specific methods are as follows:
1, using the search software Baidu "Computer Manager", "Normal download";

2, install the downloaded software to the computer, to open the main interface, select " toolbox ";

3, more tools in the toolbox, find the" file smash "open;

4, open the file shredding software, select the files you want to smash in the bottom of the screen the type of file;

5, add the file, click "smash";

6, here to confirm, if confirmation to shred files, the files will be completely deleted and can not be recovery;

7, file shredding is complete.

method on a computer using the computer butler shredding documents win7 system to explain here, users need to refer to the tutorial content deleted.

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