Win7 system computer boot has been showing code solution

win7 system computer boot speed is slow to show the code how to do? Now is an era of fast pursuit, especially the desktop win7 system computer boot speed, some users say that every time the boot has been showing a lot of code, do not know what it means, resulting in a very slow boot speed, to wait for a long time Time can enter the desktop, is there any way to speed up the boot? The method is of course there is, the following small series tells you a very simple trick, just press a button to speed up the boot speed. Interested users to take a look at it.
specific methods are as follows:
1, into the slow, like a snail, that is, the code has been displayed, go little by little;

2, is actually very simple, find the keyboard "Esc" key to Yes, it is on the upper left side. , Which is useless exit code directly into the, not too much to check, than not to be;

3, successful quick access.

above is about the desktop computer boot win7 system has been slow to display the code of the solution, as long as the button under the esc key, and turn the speed becomes fast.

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