Win7 system CPU usage rate is high and low graphic tutorial

The steps are as follows:
1, first understand where to view the CPU usage, we right click on the bottom toolbar of the desktop, and then select Start Task Manager.

2, in the pop-up Windows Task Manager, select the Performance Options tab, where you can see the CPU usage of the computer.

3, and then we see the computer's CPU usage peaks and valleys or on the high side, this likelihood is open to a CPU-intensive software, but usually we can not determine which Software accounts for the CPU, not to say that the larger the software, the more CPU is occupied. This is not the case.

4, we click on the bottom right corner of the Resource Monitor project performance, as shown below.

5, under the Resource Monitor tab, we can see a very visually observed which accounted for most software CPU, CPU usage for most software are volatile, so there will be fluctuations in CPU usage . If one or two CPU usages are consistently high or the jitter is large, we need to turn it off.

6, such as the author of this software 100PTC computer CPU occupancy has been above 20% for the health of the computer, it certainly needs to be closed off. After

7, the CPU utilization of large software shut down, we go back to the windows task manager to view the performance of the project, we found that only 10% CPU utilization --30% of the lines are back in balance. Still quite ideal.

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