What is the process of Win7 TXPlatform.exe?

What is the process of Win7 TXPlatform.exe? Can I disable it? I think this is a problem that many people know. In fact, this process is generated by QQ software, so as long as we open a computer with QQ installed, this process will run by itself. Interested friends can follow up with Xiaobian.
What is the role of TXPlatform.exe?
First of all, let's talk about its role, TXPlatform.exe is very big, when you click on the QQ connection of the forum, a temporary chat QQ window pops up. This process is working. Mainly to verify the validity of both parties, and the authentication when you log in to Q-zone, it depends on this process; when this process does not exist, you will try to start the process when you log in to Q-zone, if it fails, enter the page log in.
If you are sure not to use the above functions, but just use QQ chat, you can use the following method to prohibit this process.
Forbidden solution:
Use the system's group policy to prevent QQ pets from running automatically. By the way, kill the TXOPShow.exe process (Tencent mini home, members can be removed, we can also remove), and there is TXPlatform.exe Process (appears to switch to TM state, every need for general home users)!
It's actually very simple: Start--Run--Enter "Gpedit.msc" to open Group Policy, expand Computer Configuration - Windows Settings -- Security Settings -- Software Restriction Policy (If you have not set up a friend, you need to right click on New) - Other rules, right click here to create a new road rule, find TXOPShow.exe under the path of installing QQ, TXPlatform .exe, QQPetAgent.exe these three files, built three rules, not allowed to run! OK, get, re-open QQ, look at the process, no more! This method can be inferred, you can limit some software to run!
What is the process of TXPlatform.exe?
Process name: TXPlatform or TXPlatform.exe
Producer: Tencent Tencent
Description: QQ and external application programming interface management procedures commonly used TM, is an important underlying core module. If you delete the program, QQ or TM will lose the ability to call each other with the peripheral function module and the external application.
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