Win7 folder plus password graphic tutorial

In the usual work, sometimes we always like to create a folder and then encrypt in order to ensure the security of information, although this operation is very easy, but for ordinary users is Not simple, then how to add a password in the Win7 system folder? Do not understand the friends look at the small series of Win7 folder settings password tutorial!
First, the hidden folder method
1, select yourself to Encrypted folder, right-click on the property and select Hide in the properties of the regular window.
2, after clicking Apply and OK, in the folder window tool - folder options - view inside choose not to show hidden files and folders.
3, you want to see this file you need to choose to display all files and folders to see.
Second, compressed folder encryption method
1, select the folder you want to encrypt, right click, select to add to the compressed file, will pop up a compressed file name and parameters of the window.
2. Click on Advanced Options, then select Save File Security Data and click Set Password.
3, after entering the password, select OK, pay attention to the password is not too long, so as not to forget the password.
4, after compressing the folder to delete the original folder, others can only see this compressed folder, unless he knows the password, otherwise others can not see your file content. If you want to see the file yourself, you need to enter the password to extract it.
Third, the use of encryption software to encrypt the folder method
1, encryption software has a lot, I will use the folder to encrypt the advanced version of the software to introduce to you. First download this software and install it on your computer.
2, after running the installation, run this software, the software interface is shown in the figure.
3, select the folder encryption, and then click to select the folder, browse and select the folder you want to encrypt.
4, click OK will automatically pop up an encrypted dialog box, enter the password and then choose fast encryption, you can also choose other encryption types, then password prompt questions, this should choose a question and answer that only you know.
5, after clicking OK, if the encryption is successful, a dialog box with successful encryption will pop up.

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