Win7 system enters PE to completely eliminate computer virus graphic tutorial

How does Win7 system enter PE to completely eliminate computer viruses? Today, this article Xiaobian and everyone share how Win7 system enters PE to completely eliminate computer viruses. The most feared process of running win7 64-bit system is to encounter Trojan virus. These nasty viruses can cause the computer to crash and cannot be used normally. There are many ways to clean up the virus online, but they are all complicated, and some stubborn viruses are not so clean. So is there any good way to completely eliminate the computer virus? The following small series and everyone share is the way to enter the PE to completely eliminate the computer virus, users who need it can learn together.
First, to achieve the creation of a good U disk boot disk (in this case is the use of pocket PE)
Second, the 诀窍 is:
1, the U disk is inserted into the win7 system computer;
2, open When the computer is pressed, press the F8 key (or Delete key) in the win7 keyboard to enter the BIOS setting panel (the keys of the different motherboards entering the BIOS setting panel are different);
3. After entering the BIOS panel, use the keyboard In the ←→ key, cut into the BOOT page, and find the USB word in it, set it as the first startup item, press F4 on the keyboard to store the details in the BIOS panel;
4, restart the win7 system After boarding the "pocket PE function selection" menu bar, click "Start pocket U disk Win2003PE maintenance system" and click OK;
5, double-click "My Computer" to open, and then right-click the disk to be formatted, Click the "Format" key value;
6, 咋 Appropriate system will appear "Format" prompt box, click "Start" to continue;
7, all the disks must be formatted after the grid , restart the win7 computer, and then reinstall the system will be fine;
PS Prior to this, we must advance the need to use data backup, otherwise it's all gone.
The above is the Win7 system into the PE to completely remove the entire contents of the computer virus. After mastering this method, you don't have to worry about the computer being attacked by the virus. It is very helpful for everyone to operate the computer in the future.

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