Steps to open the win7 keyboard and mouse button Graphic tutorial

Enable the mouse button to use the keyboard to control the movement of the mouse. In the Windows 7 system, this option is in the easy access center of the control panel - making the keyboard easier to use, the following is the graphic Description:
open the control panel - easy access

choose to change the keyboard works

choose to use the keyboard to control the mouse

1, open the mouse button
( 1) Press Ctrl+Esc to open the start menu, press S and then press C to open the control panel;
(2) Press the arrow keys to move to “Auxiliary Options” and press Enter to open its properties dialog;
(3) Press Ctrl+Tab to switch to the “Mouse” page, press Alt+M to select the “Use Mouse Button” option;
(4) Press Alt+S to enter the mouse button to set the dialog. In the box, press Alt+T to select the “Maximum Speed” item, then press the right arrow key to adjust it to the maximum. Similarly, adjust the “Acceleration” item to the maximum;
(5) Press the Enter key twice to exit the dialog box. You can use the mouse button later.
Note 1: If you are using the mouse button to do some auxiliary things, you can omit step (4) above.
Note 2: A mouse icon will appear in the tray when the mouse button is enabled.
2, the mouse button is turned on and off
Press the NumLock button to switch.
3, the three states of the mouse button
(1) standard click state: the system is in this state after the mouse button is enabled, at this time, all operations are related to the left button, the mouse icon in the tray left The key is dark;
(2) Right click state: Press the minus sign (-) on the numeric keypad to enter the state. At this time, all operations are related to the right button, and the right mouse button in the tray is dark.
(3) Press the left and right button at the same time: press the asterisk (*) on the numeric keypad to enter the state. At this time, all the operations are performed while the left and right buttons are simultaneously pressed, in the tray. The left and right buttons of the mouse icon are dark. To switch to the standard click state, press the slash (/) key on the numeric keypad.
4, use the "mouse button" to move the mouse pointer
(1) move the mouse pointer horizontally or vertically: press the arrow keys on the numeric keypad;
(2) move the mouse pointer diagonally: press the numeric keypad Home, End, PageUp, and PageDown keys;
(3) Speed ​​up the movement: first hold down the Ctrl key, then press the keys in (1), (2);

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