Win7 notebook set power shortage method automatically shut down

On the computer, what is most important, people who are familiar with the computer know that the hard disk is the most important. It stores many important information files. On the computer, it is better to let it be bad and not want to damage the hard disk. We need to operate the computer in daily life. Pay attention to the maintenance of the computer hard disk, we do not know is that the automatic sleep of the notebook when the battery is low will actually cause damage to the hard disk, if Xiaobian knows earlier, it will not always let the computer automatically sleep when the battery is low, Xiaobian always hold Fortunately, the ideal is anyway. If you look at a small document, you won’t see it. I regret it too! Now there is a way to deal with lazy people like Xiaobian! Set the notebook win7 to low power and automatically shut down, you can effectively reduce the hard disk loss!
win7 notebook set power is not enough to automatically shut down the method is as follows: Br> 1. Click the Start button and select Control Panel.

2, the control panel of a large icon view mode to find the Power Options, click to open;

3, click Change settings in the program display the current battery indicator;

4, select change advanced power settings;

5, find the battery-related settings, select low power operation for the shutdown, and click OK.

now I do not care how busy small series, even if the person is not a computer around the time, you can set a low battery automatically shut down, reducing wear and tear it hard!
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