Win7 deletes the desktop right-click "gadget" menu method

Win7 delete the desktop Right "widget" menu approach tutorial below:

1, open the Start menu, then enter "regedit.exe" in the search, search results, use the right administrator, open;

2, open the registry editor, open the path to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \\ DesktopBackground \\ Shell;
3, after the commencement of Shell we can see three folders, right-click on the "Gadgets "Folder, then delete;
(If you do not have permission, you need to get permission: right-click the folder you want to delete in the registry - permissions - advanced - owner, change the current owner to the current system user ( System users must be affiliated with administrators) and tick the owner of the replacement subcontainer and object, then click Permissions--Select Current User--Edit--Allow all checkmarks below--OK, then check the following two options to confirm on it.)

4, quit after deleting the registry, then we'll try to right-click on the desktop? "gadget" has disappeared.
PS: If you want to delete the personalization, then delete the "Personalize" folder.
This method is simple and not rude. Is it a very understanding of these obsessive-compulsive patients? It’s not too serious. I think they are not very unsightly, so they can keep it, but the method can be remembered, and the technique is not overwhelming!

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