How to reduce the waiting time of win7 system shutdown

People who use XP system know that after clicking the shutdown, they need to wait a few seconds, the computer will shut down, if it is in a hurry, can't wait to shut down, it will go, This is a waste of time. Many people search for various ways to avoid waiting time before shutdown, can achieve a quick shutdown, Xiaobian also learned a trick, you can quickly shut down the computer through the registry, the following small series will pass this method to everyone, some acute Netizens can learn, can save a lot of time!
win7 shutdown waiting time method
1. First, press the win+R shortcut key on the win7 system keyboard to open the computer's running window, after that, Enter regedit in the open run window and click Enter. This will open the registry editor window of your computer.

2. Open the Registry Editor window, then click the left menu to expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \\ SYSTEM \\ CurrentControlSet \\ Control, then, move the mouse to the right window, click the right mouse button and select New - a string value, then name the string value WaitToKillServiceTimeout.

3. Next, double-click the WaitToKillServiceTimeout, appears in the edit window, the numeric data entry 1200 Here, note that this represents 1200 1200 milliseconds, we can set the time according to their needs. Once set, click OK to save.
The above method is for win7 computer. It is not certified for other systems. If you use other systems, you want to implement a quick shutdown. You can try this method, maybe it works! Those who want to save time don't miss it!

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