Recovery method for "recently accessed location" by mistake under Win7 system

Many people have their own habits in the process of using the computer. The use of Xiaobian is to open frequently accessed files in the "recently visited location", thus saving the need to rummage in many documents, saving Time, for Xiaobian, "Recent visit location" is a very useful feature. But recently Xiaobian did not know what happened, inadvertently deleted the button of "recently visited location", no matter how to find it, it can not find it, which brings a lot of trouble to the daily work of Xiaobian. Xiao Bian neighborhoods everywhere, and finally know how to retrieve deleted "recently visited location" in win7 Ultimate editions, and quickly follow the small series together to find the right

1, in the first In the Win7 Ultimate system, find and right click on "Recently accessed location", then select "Send to desktop shortcut"
2. Then send it to your computer with qq
3, then receive this Copying the file to the desktop drags the shortcut to the collection and it's done.
Method 2:
1. Just open the Explorer and right click on the “Restore Favorites Link” in the blank space of the Favorites to retrieve it easily.
Next time, if you also encounter the problem that the "recent visit location" has been deleted, don't worry about the ants on the hot pot. Just use the above method to solve it easily! Learn it quickly. !
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