The win7 system desktop gadget can not display the solution

win7 system has its own gadgets, including: CPU dashboard, slide show, currency, calendar, clock, weather, picture puzzle version, source title. These gadgets seem useless, but they also play a small role. He can tell you the currency exchange ratio when you travel, and it is easy to find and easy for users to use. And you can add new gadget items yourself. Users with such requirements often put it on the desktop, but the desktop does not display properly, the newly added gadget can not be displayed, although it can be easily found by right-clicking the mouse, but this is also a "weird thing." So, with these small tools and small series looking back on the table now!

1, first open the Control Panel Properties window From the inside, find and click on Programs and Features window, click to open or close windows options;

2, this time the windows function window will appear, we find Micorosoft.NET Framework 3.5.1 here;
3, and finally click the OK button to make all previous settings to take effect, At this time, we shut down and restart the computer;
4, the system still can not display the gadget on the desktop, this shows that there are problems in other aspects of the system, we directly in the windows function window will be in the small box in front of the Windows gadget platform checkmark removed;

5, click OK to this operation is to take effect, we need to restart the computer shut down;
6, and then the front of the Windows gadget platform checkmark in the small box marked, click OK We will find that all the gadgets are displayed properly on the desktop of the new system.

so long as a few simple steps, you can these "naughty" gadget coming back! Is not it simple? Although this problem is not difficult, but it is always to solve small series of purpose !
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