Win7 system ncpa.cpl command can not open the network solution

As we all know, the Linux system has a command function, which can effectively use the command function when operating the computer on a daily basis, and can quickly realize various functions of the computer. But you may have overlooked a bit. The win7 system also has command functions. The most common one is the ncpa.cpl command. He controls the most important part of the computer and can quickly open the network. This is in our normal computer use. It is very common, such shortcut keys are really practical for our "lazy mind", as long as the simple ncpa.cpl command can quickly open the network, it really brings us a lot of convenience. However, some users recently reported that the ncpa.cpl command could not open the network. What is going on? The following is a small series for everyone to explain how Win7 can't open the network through the ncpa.cpl command!
1. First, press simultaneously The win+r shortcut on the win7 Ultimate computer keyboard opens the running window of the computer. If you are not used to using the shortcut keys, you can click to open the start menu of the win7 Ultimate computer, and then click the Run option in the Start menu. You can open the run window of win7 Ultimate.

2. After that, enter in the open window, run "ncpa.cpl" command and click the Enter or click on OK button at the bottom of the window, so you can open win7 Ultimate computer network connections window It is.

knowledge: CPL files, also known as the Control Panel item (Control Panel Item), and more to save the system installation directory under the system32 folder, which correspond to the Control Panel items, common user access is limit. It can be opened by shell32.dll, control.exe. In addition, you can also open the call to the Open command directly in the Explorer (substantially called shell32.dll).
CPL files are essentially Windows executable files, but they are not files that can run directly and independently, usually opened by shell32.dll.
The vast majority of cpl files in the system32 directory are Windows system files with "archive" file attributes, and the file protection features of the Windows operating system protect them from tampering.
The above operation method can effectively help us solve the problem that Win7 can't open the network through ncpa.cpl command, but in addition to this method, we can solve it by manual method, and can achieve the same effect, the friends Try it out!
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